Art Photography

Art Photography from Ian and Robyn Mckenzie, photographers Mildura, Australia.

Robyn and Ian have photographed many personal projects over the years. It is only recently they have started presenting their Art Photography to the world. All of the images displayed in this changing gallery are available for purchase.

Our art images printed on high-quality museum-grade art papers. Order art prints by clicking “purchase print”link below each image. That link will take you to our secure online shopping facility. Available sizes and pricing displayed at that stage.

In the case of limited edition prints. The edition numbers will be displayed. Also please note, any limited editions are the total number of photographs all sizes. Some artists choose to count versions per size. Ours include all sizes, plus one “Artist Proof” So an edition of 10 means only ten prints are for sale plus one we keep for ourselves.

Fine art photograph of drying mud. Image by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations Mildura photographers


Square mimalistic art photo of ocean, rocks, surf and sky, Great Ocean Road Victoria, Australia. Photography by Excitations, Ian Mckenzie, Mildura photographer.

Winter, Great Ocean Road.

fine art photography. Panorama of last rays of pink light catching storm cloud at dusk. Sunset art print by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations, Mildura photographers.

Last light on a stormy night.

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Late evening low light dusk Art Photograph of waves crashing over rocks near Lorne, Victoria, Australia. Art Photography by Ian Mckenzie Excitations, Mildura Photographers.

Twilight on a cold and wet Winters evening. Lorne, Australia.

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Sping colors reflected on larfge thunderstorm, near Mildura, Victoria, Australia. Art photography by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations, Mildura photographer.

Colours of the sunset reflecting off a massive thunderstorm, Yelta, Victoria.

Purchase “Evening Thunderstorm, Yelta”

Light trails fine art photography by Ian Mckenzie of Excitations, Mildura.

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Ipressionist photo of reeds growing in river, Wentworth, NSW, Australia. Photo by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations, photographers Mildura.

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