Commercial Photography Mildura.

Editorial, Agricultural industrial and commercial photography Mildura.

Providing commercial photography Mildura and across a large slice of South Eastern Australia for over 40 years. Does this really mean anything? A good question and one that only you can answer. Commercial photography is telling a story visually. Whether that story is told in a single photograph. A whole bunch of images or even moving pictures is up to you.


PS Hero moored at Echucal, twilight photo with last orange glow on water. Photo by Excitations photo workshops and photography adventures Australia.

Evening falls over the Echuca Wharf. Paddle boats moored for the night.


Romantic image of red grapes hangin on vines. Farm photography by excitations Mildura photographers

Red grapes on vine, soft focus

Farmer stands in fron of huge John Deere tractors in potato field. Photo by Mildura photographer, Excitations.

Peter Corcoran, potato grower

Murray Cod presented on plate with salad during Sun World Press event, Robinvale Australia. Photo by Excitations.

Food photographed on location.

Indigenous community leader and Elder, photographed in a pensive pose in fron of a number of her art works. Photo by Ian Mckenzie, Mildura Photographer.

Community leader Janine Wilson.

Dramatic storm clouds ove vineyard with small blue tractor carting in freshly harvested grapes. Picture by Exciations, Mildura Photographers.

Harvest continues under dramatic skies.

Young woman trims bunch of Crimson Seedless table grapes. Fruit Master Robinvale. Vineyard photography by excitations.

Quality Australian table grapes to the world.

Farmer working on trllised vines in vineyard. Commercial photography Mildura by excitations.

Attention to detail reaps rewards

Kenworth trucks photographed in large shed. Commercial photography Mildura Australia by Excitations.

Kenworth trucks ready to roll.

Sometimes all you need is a single photograph for an advertisement. In this case, you need… No must have, a compelling visual. One that stops people in their tracks and makes them want to learn more about you or your product.

Or you may want to increase your brand awareness. Utilising social media, and posting regular, informative, brand improving awareness of your products.

However, you can be reassured that after 40 years working continuously as photographers, we have picked up a few tricks of the trade that will benefit your next production.

This doesn’t mean that the new kid on the block can’t-do the job, many are great shooters. There is only one thing that beats experience in photography. That is MORE experience. Knowing what you are trying to achieve. Taking that information and turning it into a single photograph, or library of photographs, even video is what we do.

We live in an age of visual communications. If you haven’t started to utilise visual communications in your social media and commercial advertising. You are missing valuable opportunities to connect with existing and potential clients.