Excitations website changes plus shifting furniture

Preparing for the future, Excitations website changes.
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We are making a whole bunch of changes here. Some you will see immediately. Others will be rolled out over the coming months.  Excitations website changes are among the first.

This is our new landing page. Our previous blog pages are here. That blog will not have new material added.  All new Excitations news and content will appear here.

We are trying to keep Excitations Photo Adventures, training and workshops websites separate. However, there will be some cross-over of content. That is inevitable as more and more people develope and interest in photography. Visual communications are becoming more important to our society on a daily basis.

Excitations Stock Photography will be delivered from a new web-server. Again this is hoped to increase our productivity. Allowing us to deliver stock, commercial and editorial images to clients more effectively.

Then of course there is Face Book and social media. FB is currently our biggest headache. If for no other reason than it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to seperate Excitations Photography and Excitations Photo Adventures. Ideally we should have seperate accounts for each. But for the time being at least we will continue to battle on with  mostly Photo Adventure content on FB and a little photography thrown in for good measure.

Which brings us to contact. We are getting a lot of contact through Face Book. Which is great, no complaints there. Although  the downside is we don’t monitor FB 24/7. Or even most of the day. We have to find time to work. This website has a CONTACT page allowing you to fill in an easy request form for info. That form is email directly to us. So providing we are not off-grid. Which is something that occurs more often now. Even with the use of satelite phones. The Contact page should get to us faster.

If you are a photographer, and  interested in learning more about photography. We have a Poll running on what courses you would like to see. Really appreciate you popping over there and investing 30 seconds of your time improving our workshop offerings.