Tayla and John’s Q Estate Wedding

Tayla and John’s Autumn Q Estate wedding.

We’re very late posting this wedding review. There is a reason for the late post. I remember asking Tayla on her wedding day if she would mind us using some of her pictures on our brand new website. She said, “go for it”.

Shortly after John and Tayla’s  wedding, our new website came to a grinding, crashing halt. The kind of permanent halt that only occurs when you realise your new site is very pretty but fails to deliver 2 very important functions. Luckily for us, this was picked up in testing. The sad news is we didn’t get around to post any images from Tayla and John’s big day. And we still haven’t got a flash new website. Next year for the website.

Now for the wedding. There were no unpleasant surprises there. Supurb Autumn weather. A fabulous group of people to work with and a multitude of great locations. We caught up with John and his family and friends first up.Black and white wedding photo of grandfather fixing grooms tie. Photography, Excitations Mildura wedding photographers.If you are going to have someone attend to your tie. Then there would be no better person than your grandfather. Especially if said grandfather has spent years providing video coverage of weddings all over North Western Victoria and beyond.Black and white photo of groom and his father playing cards before his wedding. Photo by Excitations, photographers Mildura.I could tell you that everyone was stressed to the max before the wedding. That, however, would be a total fabrication.  As can be seen by the above photo of John and his dad taking time out to play cards. This set of wedding pictures also look great in colour. I prefer the black and white versions, so we’ll run with those.

formal bridal portrait of beautiful bride half length under veil. Natural light wedding photos indoors. Photo by excitations photographers mildura.Selecting a handful of images for a blog post is always difficult. What do we put in and what gets left out. When it came to sorting out Tayla’s shots at home… There were simply too many to chose from. So we are going for two, veil shots. This one, a soft pensive and very beautiful Tayla.Closeup of very pretty bride under veil, natural light wedding portrait. Wedding photos by Excitations, Mildura.

Then we have the other Tayla. The beautiful young bride whose face just kept exploding into this gorgeous, infectious smile.Group at a wedding watching as a drone flies over making videos of the wedding day.

To be honest, I’m not even sure that a wedding is actually wedding if there isn’t a drone flying around videoing the event. One thing I am certain of though. Everyone was asked to look up to the drone and wave. Seems there was one couple not paying much attention to instructions.Q Estate Wedding photography location. Very happy bride being kissed on cheek by groom.There weren’t too many activities during the day not embraced with copious amounts of enthusiasm. Take this simple kiss on the cheek photo. It is always a great pleasure to work with a couple prepared to get right into the spirit of the day.Q Estate Wedding location, ideal for that sweeping panorama of bridal group and cars. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations.Still, at Q Estate,

we used a multi-stiched panorama for this group shot with the cars. Didn’t have to. We could have just shot ultra wide angle but I like the one dimensional distorion provided this technique.

Toned art style monochrme wedding portrait by Excitations.Loved this image in colour. Love it even more as an art processed monochrome.

Street photograph of bride and groom Langtree Ave Mildura. Wedding photographers in Mildura, Excitations.As the existing daylight slowly slips away. We found ourselves walking down Seventh Street. Another photo opportunity presents itself as the day turns to night and all that wonderful artificial light.

Available light photograph of bride and grooms first dance, Excitations Mildura photographers.

Speaking of artificial light. Lots of tiny little fairy lights making beautiful diffused highlights in background during the first dance.

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