Download Button Client Galleries

Have you noticed the Download Button in ourĀ  Client Galleries?

A lot of people have. Some report the button doesn’t work. It does work. The problem arose when we decided to amalgamate all our image servers into one. You see until that time. We ran three different servers all dishing up content to various parts of our website.

This method worked smoothly. More importantly, it kept our wedding and portrait clients separate from our commercial clients. They, in turn, were held apart from our stock and art clients.

Until we started to store large numbers of image files across all our servers, and our commercial clients needed access to stock images as well as their business images. Then the system started to become a massive problem. As the data sizes grew, so did the complexity of managing and delivering images. Plus the cost of running three servers 24/7 started to make us wonder WHY?

We decided to make lots of changes. Mostly in the background. However, there has been and will continue to be more changes, not just to the website but also our business. We mentioned this back at the start. There is still a lot to do behind the scenes.

But back to this download button that doesn’t work. Putting all our image files onto the one server has created many problems. Now our domestic clients are sharing space with our commercial and stock photography clients. Part of that sharing process is the layout of our galleries.

Our stock images, which are by nature, fully finished, retouched and optimised for commercial use. Require a download button, so that the photo is available to license 24/7 and be capable of being downloaded ready for use within seconds. Pretty much the same with our commercial clients. Especially the clients not in Australia.

Our wedding portrait images online are simple rough proofs. Not optimised for printing or electronic presentation. They are simply proofs. An image good enough for clients to choose from but nothing else. So we have all our proof files download disabled. If we didn’t, I know people would download them and print them with horrific results.

That leaves us with the Download button that doesn’t work. It does work where it is supposed to. And is disabled where downloads are not available

Instead of 441 words explaining why the download button doesn’t work for wedding portrait clients. Maybe I should have just said. It’s there because we can’t have it in our commercial and stock galleries and hide it in our wedding portrait client galleries. Apparently, that is just too hard for our programmer friends.