Jennifer and Anthony’s Sunraysia wedding photography.

Sunraysia wedding photography with Jennifer and Anthony.

There is little to say about this wedding. Everything was perfect. Jennifer and her mum planned the event down to the very tiniest details. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them in the pre-wedding planning; then the day was perfect in every way. I guess the best thing to do is stop typing and just start showing pictures of this Sunraysia wedding photography event.

Groom dressed casually, standing arms folded in front off his car which was the bridal car for the wedding day. Wedding photographer in Mildura.

Off to a flying start. Visiting Anthony and Jennifer on Friday evening to catch some of the pre-wedding preparations. Already the cars have been detailed and dressed for the wedding.

Brides shoes on white background. Wedding photography by Excitations Mildura, photographers

There were, of course, dozens of other accessories for us to train our lenses on.

Warm romantic full length photograph of bride from behind. Featuring beautiful natural light, a stunning wedding dress. Sunraysia wedding photography by Excitations.

And then there was the dress. Beautifully crafted by the fantastic Steven Khalil, into a grown fit for a princess. This soft focus photograph demonstrates just how wonderfully natural light worked with the gown.

Bride seated in front of a window in a soft, romantic wedding portrait. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

Oh and here we have a shot of the dress from the front. Same beautiful available light, dancing all around the room and creating magic for us to capture.

Formal full length front on photograph of a beautiful bride wearing a Steven Khalil wedding gown. Photography by Excitations, Mildura wedding photographers.

Plus, just for good measure an old-style formal bridal portrait.

Sunraysia wedding photography by excitations.Bride and groom half length casual portrait in private garden.

Our first location, a beautiful private garden regularly used by wedding photographers. However, this was only our second visit. So I guess you could say we were like kids let loose in a candy shop.

Casual bride and groom wedding portrait with stately home as a background. Wedding photography Mildura, by Excitations.

Did you know there are 35 different kisses? I didn’t. And I have no idea what number this one is. Apparently, each different kiss has a different meaning. Is that what they are referring to when people talk about the language of love?

Bride and groom half length, walking and talking. Colour wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

For those of you who know this location well. Yes, we did shoot the fountain and the driveway, plus the incredible walls covered in ivy. The above images formed part of a sequence of photographs, so instead of showing a bit of everything we decided to keep it to one series.

Wide angle wedding photograph of bride and groom in front of fenced garden with a large gate. Sunraysia wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura.

Gates and doors also speak a language. Robyn and Michael, the videographer spent a lot of time getting this gate right. New beginnings and all that.

Black and white photograph of boys in bridal party having their portraits taken. Excitations, Mildura wedding photographers.

Who says you can dress them up but can’t take them anywhere, the boys are looking rather dapper as they pose for a formal portrait.

Bride and groom photographed through a window of a mansion. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

Peering through windows can be frowned upon in some quarters. However, if you’re a wedding photographer, it’s worth the risk.

Bide and groom pose with vintage car. Photo at Jimba Trentham Cliffs NSW, Australia.

We just had to include the car.  Needless to say lots of photos around this vintage prop and a big thank you to the men responsible for the safe wrangling of said prop.

Wedding cars at Jimba. Mildura wedding photographers, Excitations.

When it comes to Sunraysia wedding photography, the job isn’t complete until the car shot is in the bag.

Thank you, Jennifer, Anthony, family and friends for a fabulous day shooting.