Amy and Tony’s wedding.

On a beautiful day in November, we photographed Amy and Tony’s wedding.

Starting our day in Victoria, we quickly moved interstate for Amy and Tony’s wedding photography and reception. All sounds rather posh doesn’t it? Especially to people unaware that the interstate trip takes all of five minutes. However, I digress, we are here to show you pictures from Amy and Tony’s wedding, not talk about interstate travel.half length bride at dressing table in front of mirror preparing for her wedding photography. Wedding photography Mildura by Excitations.

We sneaked this image while Amy was preparing for her wedding day. I think she was prepping some jewellery for us to photograph. From home, we headed off to the Grand Hotel for a garden wedding ceremony. Then to Apex Park, and that is where we will pick-up the rest of the wedding photography.Closeup black and white photograph of groom on his wedding day, outdoors. Wedding pictures in Mildura by Excitations.

Choosing locations for your wedding photos is always problematic. Ideally, we would select somewhere with some meaning to the couple, or at the very least some place that they love. On this day it was a natural choice. Amy and Tony enjoy the outdoors. Surrounded by massive gum trees as well as an expansive inland beach.

Closeup of groom kissing bride doing wedding photography session. Amy and Tony's wedding photography by Excitations, photographers Mildura.

Still under the gum trees at Apex Park. We found some soft glamourous light to with which to play. Full sunshine over the Murray River and beach area combined with dabbled sunlight resulted in our high-key background.

Amy and Tony's wedding at The Inland Botanical Gardens. Photos by Excitations, Mildura Photographers.

Chasing light at the Inland Botanical Gardens.  We use to call this an establishing shot.  It was always a TV news camera operators first shot walking up to any news scene. It allowed the news editor to orientate themselves.  Today we use the establishing shot to give a sense of place in the design of a wedding album.Amy and Tony's wedding, bride and groom in a garden setting. Photo by wedding photographers Mildura, Excitations.

The same location photographed from a different perspective. The soft out of focus foliage compliments a beautiful couple lost in a moment on their wedding day.

Bride and groom in a garden of white roses. Photo by Excitations, Mildura.

Just around the corner a sea of white roses and way too many photographic opportunities. We shot this location with long lenses to make use of the low backlighting sun and some atmospherics starting to come into play.

Groom kissing bride amongst pink miniature roses. Amy and Tony's wedding by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.

Beautiful late light combines with a mass of tiny pink miniature roses and a stunningly beautiful bride. I believe picture perfect used to describe this scene.

Sun flare in closeup of bride with a background of roses.

A light and airy rendition of the rose gardens. Late sun, plus lots of lens flare.

Late sunlight, a red car and bride and groom. Wedding photography near Mildura by Excitations.

Then finally a car shot with lens flare. This image is out of sequence as we created it upon arrival at the gardens. But we won’t tell if you don’t.