Karina and Frank married in Mildura.

November 2017 Karina and Frank were married in Mildura.

When Karina and Frankie were married in Mildura late last year, it was indeed a significant day. Not only for our happy newlyweds but also for Excitations. You see we have known Frankie since his arrival on this planet. On the other hand, Karina has only been on our radar for a few years. She just kind of started to be at family events and quickly merged into the pack that is family Bozzi.

black and white photo of groom getting ready to be married in Mildura. Photo by Excitations Mildura wedding photographers
While this shot of the boys may look posed, it was more a case of stage management. Karina had a photo somewhat similar to this in mind. We asked the boys to stand exactly on this spot to give us the desired background. From there in the guys just did their thing.

Weddings are an extraordinary opportunity for photographers to create images that will forever be important to their clients. Lots of times when we photograph a subject, for commercial use, for instance, the photos have a lifespan of as little as a few days. Art, weddings and family portraits remain precious for sometimes generations.

I have a feeling we are going to have too many pictures selected for this blog. I just randomly picked photos from the hundreds in front of me. It seems now that I may have failed editing 101. If there are more photos than usual, I apologise in advance.

Closeup photo of mens floral button hole decorations. Married in Mildura, Excitations photography.

Glamorous bride half length looking super sexy before her wedding. Mildura photographers Excitations.
I love a good closeup, and when your bride is stunningly attractive you just have to get in close. Here is one of those occasions where everything has fallen into place. The bride, makeup, hair-styling, dress and florist coming together to present a fantastic bridal look.


Mother of bride in candid photograph as she see her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Wedding photography by Excitations Mildura.
A candid photograph of Karina’s mum, at the moment she steps back to look at Karina, dressed and ready to go to her wedding. If you look carefully, you can just see Karina reflected in the window.


Black and white photo of bride. Full length indoors seated. Married in Mildura, photography by Excitations
Karina enjoys a moment alone. As long as we overlook bridesmaids, friends, relatives, videographers and photographers.


Bride and groom stop to kiss as they walk down the aisle in Sacred Heart Church, Mildura.
There can never be too many opportunities to steal a kiss on your wedding day. In this instant, that kissing moment was also a photo-opp.
Half length of bride and groom in front of brick wall. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.
Years ago a friend of ours, Bianca, termed the phrase, drive-by shootings. She used it to describe candid photographs she took through the window of a car driving around Melbourne. That makes this a walk-by shooting. As Robyn, Karina and Frankie were walking to another location, and they stopped in this doorway for a set of photos.


Closeup portrait of bride and groom on location using studio lighting.Excitations photographers, Mildura.
There is nothing like a bit of studio lighting on location to make a bridal portrait glow.


A mock street scene inside a private shed near Mildura. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations.
Wow, just wow. What a great location. We feel so privileged to have been giving the chance top photograph here.


Golden light on bride and groom as they walk into club Da Vinci, Mildura.
We have skipped forward a few hundred images here.  I love this walking-in picture of Frankie and Karina. We usually shoot this part of the reception with two cameras and two photographers. Photographing from multiple angles gives us options of differing perspectives. One camera is in most cases doing close shots the other an overall view.


Bridal party holding sparklers at night. Married in Mildura wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura.
Please do not jump to any conclusions about this photo. It has zero relationships to the wedding photograph we were supposed to be creating. However, how can I put this? Kids love matches and fire, it is fascinating to them. Bigger kids love big sparklers. Beautiful lighting supplied by the bridal group. Also a big thank you to Mr Nikon and Mr Sony for creating great super-sensitive sensors which allow us to shoot action in dark places.