Karina and Frank married in Mildura.

November 2017 Karina and Frank were married in Mildura. When Karina and Frankie were married in Mildura late last year, it was indeed a significant day. Not only for our happy newlyweds but also for Excitations. You see we have known Frankie since his arrival on this planet. On the other hand, Karina has only … Read more Karina and Frank married in Mildura.

Amy and Tony’s wedding.

Groom kissing bride amongst pink miniature roses. Amy and Tony's wedding by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.

On a beautiful day in November, we photographed Amy and Tony’s wedding. Starting our day in Victoria, we quickly moved interstate for Amy and Tony’s wedding photography and reception. All sounds rather posh doesn’t it? Especially to people unaware that the interstate trip takes all of five minutes. However, I digress, we are here to … Read more Amy and Tony’s wedding.

Jennifer and Anthony’s Sunraysia wedding photography.

Casual bride and groom wedding portrait with stately home as a background. Wedding photography Mildura, by Excitations.

Sunraysia wedding photography with Jennifer and Anthony. There is little to say about this wedding. Everything was perfect. Jennifer and her mum planned the event down to the very tiniest details. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them in the pre-wedding planning; then the day was perfect in every way. I guess the … Read more Jennifer and Anthony’s Sunraysia wedding photography.

Tayla and John’s Q Estate Wedding

Toned art style monochrme wedding portrait by Excitations.

Tayla and John’s Autumn Q Estate wedding. We’re very late posting this wedding review. There is a reason for the late post. I remember asking Tayla on her wedding day if she would mind us using some of her pictures on our brand new website. She said, “go for it”. Shortly after John and Tayla’s  … Read more Tayla and John’s Q Estate Wedding

Photo enthusiasts we need your help.

Square mimalistic art photo of ocean, rocks, surf and sky, Great Ocean Road Victoria, Australia. Photography by Excitations, Ian Mckenzie, Mildura photographer and photo enthusiasts

Photo enthusiasts we would love you to take a couple of minutes to complete this poll. Photographer friends, and fellow photo enthusiasts out there in the tangled web called the internet. We are currently mapping out our workshops for 2018 and beyond. We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of … Read more Photo enthusiasts we need your help.

Strong communities Mildura and Australia

Sunsets over Nowingi Place, Mildura, as people wait for the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night event to start. Strong Communities photos by excitations Mildura photographers.

The joy of living in strong communities. Strong communities bring the hope of a great future. I know this isn’t photography related, but last weekend we attended the Leukaemia Foundations Mildura, Light the Night event. Held in parklands centred on Nowingi Place on the Mildura waterfront. Light the Night was a spectacular success. Not just … Read more Strong communities Mildura and Australia

Fake photographers, creating fake news.

Large Kangaroo, resting indoors on a couch, outside view in background.Photo by Excitations, Mildura Photographers.

Fake Photographers and faking it until you make it. The old saying “Fake it until you make it” taken to a new level this week. Fake photographers, we have had lots of practitioner’s of the art. This character has risen to new heights. Close by, we had one of “Australia’s most awarded wedding photographers“. Although … Read more Fake photographers, creating fake news.

Excitations website changes plus shifting furniture

Excitations Mildura Photographers Yelta Studio. Filed with the story Excitations website changes

Preparing for the future, Excitations website changes. We are making a whole bunch of changes here. Some you will see immediately. Others will be rolled out over the coming months.  Excitations website changes are among the first. This is our new landing page. Our previous blog pages are here. That blog will not have new … Read more Excitations website changes plus shifting furniture