Download Button Client Galleries

Simple graphic of download button created for Excitations Photography, Mildura, Australia.

Have you noticed the Download Button in our  Client Galleries? A lot of people have. Some report the button doesn’t work. It does work. The problem arose when we decided to amalgamate all our image servers into one. You see until that time. We ran three different servers all dishing up content to various parts … Read more

Strong communities Mildura and Australia

Sunsets over Nowingi Place, Mildura, as people wait for the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night event to start. Strong Communities photos by excitations Mildura photographers.

The joy of living in strong communities. Strong communities bring the hope of a great future. I know this isn’t photography related, but last weekend we attended the Leukaemia Foundations Mildura, Light the Night event. Held in parklands centred on Nowingi Place on the Mildura waterfront. Light the Night was a spectacular success. Not just … Read more

Fake photographers, creating fake news.

Large Kangaroo, resting indoors on a couch, outside view in background.Photo by Excitations, Mildura Photographers.

Fake Photographers and faking it until you make it. The old saying “Fake it until you make it” taken to a new level this week. Fake photographers, we have had lots of practitioner’s of the art. This character has risen to new heights. Close by, we had one of “Australia’s most awarded wedding photographers“. Although … Read more

Excitations website changes plus shifting furniture

Excitations Mildura Photographers Yelta Studio. Filed with the story Excitations website changes

Preparing for the future, Excitations website changes. We are making a whole bunch of changes here. Some you will see immediately. Others will be rolled out over the coming months.  Excitations website changes are among the first. This is our new landing page. Our previous blog pages are here. That blog will not have new … Read more